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Elvis 'n' Act One
at Graceland
Memphis, USA

T-Shirt on tour:
Join in the fun and have the chance of winning a prize for getting the best picture of you and an Act One T-shirt on tour.

The photo could be of you on holiday, or in some obscure place, like the one submitted by Michael Brown on the right!

Photo's submitted will make the website and be shown on award night.

Diving with Act One - Michael Brown
Act One Drama Studio
White T-Shirt
Black T-Shirt
All class students require a t-shirt or sweatshirt as a uniform for classes and events.
You can order & pay for your items online, or download a merchandise order form.
T-Shirts (black/white)
Sweatshirts  (black/white)
Long sleeved shirts (black/white)
Book Bags  5.50
Black Hoody
White Hoody
Hooded sweatshirt (black/white)
Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt
White Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Book Bag
Black Sweatshirt
White Sweatshirt
If items are out of stock, please allow for a few weeks delivery, whilst our order is processed by the manufacturer.
All items ordered will be handed out in class.
If you need any merchandise sending to your address please add a postal charge.

At the Olympics
Clare & Jack