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There are lots of fun and exciting activities taking place outside of normal school hours in different places across Sheffield where children and young people can collect learning credits. These credits will be added to the ones children collect in school to earn Children’s University Awards. To collect these credits, they need a Passport to Learning. These cost £2 and are available to purchase at Sheffield libraries

All children and young people have to do is to ask their parents to sign the consent form inside the CU Passport to give permission for the Learning Destination to pass essential information to Sheffield Children’s University (ourselves).

They can then take the Passport to any of the registered CU Learning Destinations across the city such as museums, libraries and local clubs and take part in their learning activities. Participation will be recorded on a register and the hours will contribute to the Award Certificates sent to them through school.

Act One Drama Studio is one of the venues that offer learning credits for attending workshops & classes.

Follow the link to find out more about Sheffield City Council & the Children's University.

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